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suspension clunk
500 Madness
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Thread: suspension clunk

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    suspension clunk

    Hi all..Have had my 2016 500e for a couple of months..happy over's like brand new...but the front suspension ha been really irritating. clunking noise on poor roads at low speeds. I have read all the other posts from those that had the same problem. consequently, I have replaced the upper strut mounts with corza models...I also got new lower mounts (on top of strut) The driver side quieted down somewhat,but the passenger side still clunks. I replaced the difference! the end links are ok...the rest of the components look alright...what's next? If I took it to a dealer...they're just gonna say...replace this or that..but I've already done this and that. I test drove another e before I bought this one...and it was solid,unfortunately..bought this one with out driving. Would lowering springs help? I am out of ideas. Any assitance(from fiat cares?) would be appreciated. thanks.

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    Hello @daninnewmexico,

    We're sorry to hear about your vehicle's concerns and ongoing clunking noises. Our team would like to look into this matter further should you decide to work with your dealer. Please send us a private message with your vehicle's mileage if interested!

    Fiat Cares
    To start a conversation, click our username then select the private message icon and send us your make, model year, and mileage for us to review. Staffed M-F 7:30am-5:30pm EST by the Stellantis Social Engagement Team.

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    It is the OEM part of the strut mount that you haven't changed out that is the problem.

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    Are the strut top caps from Corse with the bearings, I have these on my 2016 500e? These IMO have to be tightened just right or they will have play, to much and your compressing the bearing to little and your strut will move around. Is your car lowered? You've stated you've replaced parts, are these all OEM because some aftermarket and OEM don't mix well. If lowered the sway bar end links need to be replaced or your sway bar will be under load. GruvenParts are the best sway bar end links for only $30 more, not Corsa (sorry but they suck). These need to be set up just like those top hats, just right not to much or to little pressure on sway bar. I went through everything your talking about on my 2016, one part effects another so trial and error was my solution. My set up Corsa top hats, Koni yellow struts, Madness lowering springs and GruvenParts sway bar end links, all these need to be "installed" right or you'll get the same problems only your $1200-$1400 poorer. Q

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    What have you got going for bumpstops? I would make sure that the stock bumpstops aren't compromised and that the tapered portion points downwards. BTW, I have tried the Corsa top hats a few times. Nothing against them but they weren't for me.
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