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CODE P2096 on FIAT 500L 2014 127k miles
500 Madness
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Thread: CODE P2096 on FIAT 500L 2014 127k miles

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    CODE P2096 on FIAT 500L 2014 127k miles

    Does anyone had this code before ? Car runs good, code popped first time and then disappeard and then after a month popped again. What it could be ? some air leak ?? Will go and check all the hoses now. Please help! thanks

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    My thought is it might be time to replace the O2 sensor(s), the code being for the downstream sensor. As KellyfromVA posted a couple years ago, "Assuming you have the factory-installed O2 sensors, I would replace them first. At 137K, it's past due anyway." The first step would be to have someone do a diagnosis. With newer car designs they fail less often, but some fail in the 50-60K range while others run the life of the car. The code indicates the car is running lean, which can be an exhaust leak, intake leak, or anything causing the engine to run lean... or the sensor failing.

    If you choose to replace it yourself, buy one of good quality. I will never trust another cheap O2 sensor after it cost me $1000 for a shop to diagnose a faulty AutoZone O2 sensor I'd installed. I'd ordered a Bosch but the tech said someone must have swapped them in the box (while giving me a "sure you did" look).

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    What are the Possible Causes of the P2096 Code?

    The lean fuel-air mix that triggered the code P2096 can originate from various issues within the vehicle. Here are some of the most common:

    Fuel delivery issues (e.g., clogging in the filter and injectors, a bad fuel pump, and a faulty fuel pressure regulator)
    Engine vacuum leak
    Exhaust leak thats creating a false lean condition (leaks can be caused by corroded exhaust systems, cracks in exhaust manifold, and damaged or displaced seals)
    Faulty catalytic converter
    Bad oxygen sensor
    Circuit issues (e.g., damaged wiring or loose connections)
    Bad or failing Mass Airflow sensor
    Problem with the PCM (rare)

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    From a previous post. The P2096 code definition:

    Quote Originally Posted by Fiat500USA View Post


    Set Condition:
    The conditions that cause this diagnostic to fail is when the upstream O2
    sensor becomes biased from an exhaust leak, O2 sensor contamination or some
    other extreme operating condition.
    An informative post from our friend Map:

    Quote Originally Posted by map View Post
    P2096 can be hard to locate. It can be an O2 sensor or Cat, among other things, but the first thing to test is for vacuum leaks. Smoke tests are a way to locate for leaks. (Always start with the simple stuff first.)

    Here are a few threads you may also find interesting tagged with: P2096
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