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Since fiat may be leaving is mopar extended smart? And inspection prices?
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Thread: Since fiat may be leaving is mopar extended smart? And inspection prices?

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    Since fiat may be leaving is mopar extended smart? And inspection prices?

    So I just got my Abarth its a 2015 and Im looking at extended warranties for it its only at 25,000 miles. I was looking at the mopar extended warranty and it looks like you have to take it to a dealership and have them do an inspection first and then theyll let you know if theyll allow you to add the warranty. I have no idea how long or how much that costs just to have them do that inspection sheet so if anyone has any ideas there that would be great but with Fiat dealers getting more rare is it smarter to look into a third-party and if so anyone got a recommendation?

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    I personally hate extended warranties, they don't tell you about the finer details like "your car must be inspected at a FCA dealership every XXX miles or the repair you came in for will be void and you have to pay out of pocket". Sometimes a dealership will even outsource the warranty to a third party and just call it Mopar Extended or something when its really not FCA then you go to another dealership that doesn't honor it and you're screwed there too. Your mileage may vary. I also own a 2015 Abarth with very low miles, like 18,000. I've been out of warranty and just take it to a local mechanic who does the work, had my front brakes and rotors changed for very low cost. No real issues with the car so far (knock on wood). A lot of OEM parts are pretty cheap, but there might be a waiting period depending on scarcity of the items from what I've seen posted online.

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    I took one out, but mine is still under factory, so no inspection needed. That, and the fact I bargained four more years of MAX coverage for $1k. Figured if nothing else it would be a decent sales item for the next buyer if I decide to sell. I was told, more than once, that if the dealerships all stop offering FIAT warranty work, then 3rd party shops are allowed if they approve the work with the shop first.
    It will be a gamble investment to see if I EVER invest in this company again.
    And it’s really protection against ridiculous breakdowns, like a transmission, turbo, etc.
    2017 500 Abarth, manual trans, NAV, Beats, Sunroof, 17" wheels, everything. But no mods. None, nada.

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