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So fellow owners I have a couple of questions from a noob.
500 Madness
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Thread: So fellow owners I have a couple of questions from a noob.

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    So fellow owners I have a couple of questions from a noob.

    So I just recently got my abarth and had some general questions.

    1. It’s been awhile since I have driven a car as my main vehicle is a truck but is the steering on the abarth supposed to be firm? Like a stiffer steering wheel?Or heavy?

    2. can you take corners really quick with not much fear of tipping?

    3. Does sport mode just make the car faster or does it change anything else?

    4. Should you start the car and drive it in normal till warm before sport mode?

    5. lastly any other tips, I have always wanted one and now that I have it I want to make sure it’s taken care of.

    thank you for your help!
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    Oops... looks like your question was "lost" so I'll try to answer.
    1. The steering is stiffer than most big cars and trucks, but can still be operated with one hand, even when stopped. Sport mode makes it stiffer. Wider tires or low air pressure would make it somewhat worse.
    2. 500's can take corners quicker than the average car. Some reviewers reported the Pop rolled noticeably, but the Abarth has less of that. It's more the seat causing that feeling than the body. Chassis stiffening braces are available to improve cornering performance but the factory setup is well tuned.
    3. Sport mode stiffens the steering (more feedback), allows higher peak torque (more turbo boost), changes the dash display, and changes shift points for the automatic transmission.
    4. You should be driving the car easier while it is warming. I wouldn't use sport mode if you have an automatic but for a manual it won't make much difference since you won't be pushing the car above 3K RPM.

    5. It sounds like you drive your Abarth the way many do... the way it was designed to be driven. Since it's new to you, I'd have the car looked over by a mechanic to make sure there are no problems. I'd use the recommended oil spec and change at 4 to 5K intervals. Mentioning oil, check its level regularly. Some 500s use oil. FCA considers up to a quart in 500 miles acceptable, giving a new meaning to "500". If the car will be parked more than 5 days, a battery tender will help keep the battery from discharging. I generally give my cars a "once over" inspection at oil changes to look for any obvious problems; tire/brake wear, that sort of thing. Spark plug replacement every 32K is part of maintenance and servicing the air oil separator box is wise at the same interval. I'd also have your dealer (or sign up with to check that all recalls and software updates have been done on the car.

    Your questions are the topic of many posts... happy surfing and enjoy your little car. There's nothing else quite like an Abarth 500.

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    The steering is a electric rack. The steering will be simulated heavier, under the sport mode. A artificial feeling.
    You can use the sport mode anytime, car doesn’t need too warm up. That goes for the automatic transmission too.
    On the Abarth the sport wakes up some extra HP.
    The car never feels, like it going to be tippy. Any of the 500 model. The little car, hugs the road.
    It’s questionable Whether the sports mode makes a car feel faster or not.

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    I run my auto Abarth in sport mode virtually all the time and shift manually; it's zippier and more responsive. I do pay a penalty in gas mileage though. Running non-sport and leaving it in drive yields much better fuel economy, but, decreases the fun factor. I leave it in non-sport and drive gently until fully warmed up. I think it's good practice not to push the engine until it reaches normal operating temp.

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    Welcome to the Abarth club. I drive mine through a mountain pass daily. With the stock size tires they can pull.8g in a corner. . A couple of years ago I bought an additional set of times/tires for the car, they had federal rsr tires. The tires really make the car much much better through the corners. I was able to catch a glimpse of .9g. they were solid and planted with no noises. I did later take the car 82 through some 35 recommended turns and got some sound from the tires, my wreck it ralph sized hands prevented me from reading the g meter. The car can handle, and with a few tweaks will become more capable than most can handle.
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