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Technical Service Bulletin 30k miles Maintenance?
500 Madness
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Thread: Technical Service Bulletin 30k miles Maintenance?

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    Technical Service Bulletin 30k miles Maintenance?


    I took my 2015 500 Pop (naturally aspirated 1.4l, manual) in to the shop, and its at almost 33k miles, and the service guy told me FIAT release a technical service bulletin which recommended new spark plugs, brake flush, and fuel system service every 30k miles on ALL vehicles (including the naturally aspirated 1.4l. Has anyone else heard this? Im wondering if he got it confused which when FIAT discontinued the naturally aspirated 1.4l and everything had the 1.4l turbo in it.

    Thank you!

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    Air filter, cabin filter, rotate the tires.

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    That’s exactly what I showed the service guy! So I asked if I could please view the TSB and they responded, “not unless you want to become a FIAT certified technician.” Then I called FIAT USA who (unbelievably kindly) went through ALL the TSBs associated with my vehicle, couldn’t find anything about an updated maintenance interval, and told me they had never heard of a dealer deny the customer the ability to view a TSB. They also created a case under my VIN. Now I need to find somewhere else to service my 500 since I cannot trust Dennis Dillon (the dealer) anymore (and this isn’t the first qualm I’ve had with their service department).

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    TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) are paid for and completed by the Studio/ Dealer.

    Sounds to me like the Dealer is trying to get you to pay for maintenance that you don't require.
    I'd report them to Stellantis.
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    I think your service guy has a boat payment past due. BTW, for the 2018+ 500 Pops, those service items are at 100K miles, like with the NA 500 Pop.

    Technical service bulletins are not proprietary information. Your dealer can let you know which ones are available or you can look many (all?) up at

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    FCA TSB 26-001-18 Fluid Flushing Requirements

    That sounds like the dealership's policy to sell services.

    Below is an FCA Technical Service Bulletin concerning flushing.


    FCA Technical Service Bulletin number: 26-001-18

    September 21, 2018


    Fluid Flushing Requirements

    20052019 All Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Group Vehicles

    NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles within the following markets/countries: NAFTA,

    FCA vehicles fluid systems do NOT require regular flushing. These systems include: engine oil, transmission oil, axle lube, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and refrigerant. The only exceptions to this requirement are published in the vehicle maintenance schedules, e.g. engine coolant.

    Exceptions to this recommendation include only those instances where a malfunction has occurred and/or the system has become compromised, contaminated or overheated beyond the normal operating range.

    FCA does NOT recommend aftermarket chemicals to flush the engine, transmission, brake or steering systems. Chemicals contained in these products can damage the system elastomeric components, and contaminate the component fluid, leading to loss of system/component durability and service life. When necessary, only the original approved system fluid should be used to flush these components using Mopar Service Equipment (MSE)T approved equipment.

    If the engine coolant contains a considerable amount of sediment, clean and flush with Mopar Cooling System Flush, p/n 04856977AC, or equivalent. Follow with a thorough rinsing to remove all deposits and chemicals. Refill with a minimum of a 50% mixture of the specified coolant and distilled water.


    Some car companies recommend flushing brake fluid for maintenance , but it is generally recommended on time schedule - typically every two years - and not a mileage interval. Not a bad idea, but it is not part of FCA's required scheduled maintenance.
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