Hello all!

It's quite cold outside now, so I'm going to take a moment to tell you of the events going on this year, happening when it is much warmer! The big event is Fiat Freakout in Lancaster, PA. It's at most 3 hours from the farthest parts of New Jersey. If you have any qualms about driving to a Freakout in a classic auto, I'd say this year is the one to do it. I'll be driving out, and if any of you would like to join I'd make a day of driving the back roads in Pennsylvania. Also, if any of you are interested in volunteering at the event, please let me know. I am in close communication with the Central PA chapter and they would be much appreciative of any extra help.

The first drive of the year will hopefully be early March, although that is certainly weather permitting. I am anticipating this year will also be drive focused, but maybe the festivals will open again by August.

If you have any questions or comments, I am available as needed.