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A 16-inch tire option for the OEM crowd. - Page 2
500 Madness
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Thread: A 16-inch tire option for the OEM crowd.

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    Are the stock 16" wheels on the 500 Abarth forged or cast?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julien View Post
    Love my 205/45R16 Firehawk Indy 500s!
    Would you please post a few pictures so we can see the fitment on the rim?

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    thank you! what tire pressure should i use for 205/45/16 on the 2016 abarth 500?

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    Thankful for the information given by members along the years this thread (and this great forum website) has existed. As I have read on this 500/abarth forum, Fiat in their infinite wisdom, because they sell the car with 16's and 17's and they are different speedo calibrations set the speedo in the middle, are both incorrect, whereas I have read here and confirmed on another website that going to the 205/45s with the 16 inch rims is the closest proximity to a correct speedo reading one can create. I personally ended up staying with my GQ edition 16 inch Abarth rims(x6.5 with glorious red inserts) and on a hunch tried out 205/45-16 Federal 595 RS-R tires all around and wow it's like a different car in one simple step. Yes I live in LA (does anyone here speak "turn signal?") and other than the past "fluke" 2 months with almost non stop rain and cold here, normally is warm and sunny almost year round but truth be told they aren't too bad in light to moderate rain if you know what you are doing and I spent many years in the rain and snow of NYC and was almost always a driver so for me that is ok. I do plan when I can afford it to plan to get a coilover setup to lower the car PROPERLY, "fill the wheelwell gaps" and firm up the ride a bit and of course when budget allows some "stay grounded and stable" bars all around the car (anti sway, etc etc) when I get to round two of the upgrades I have planned. I am also a big fan of prepping a car for go fast bits such as first adding engine safety measures (round one) such as turbo blankets, BOVs and etc etc before upgrading (round two) ecu "sitch" or other extreme go fast upgrades that if added alone are like .....Mike Trout being inserted into the lineup of a little league game?! Sorry if I went a bit off topic there but I feel they are all related for those at the starting point of "tuning" this super tune-able legend that we should all be proud to drive, that is unless we were discussing the nightmare that is Fiat bluetooth, but we can leave that for another time and place, otherwise "what a fine lookin......".
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