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Thread: I saw close to 20 different 500s this weekend!!

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    I saw close to 20 different 500s this weekend!!

    I was pleasantly surprised to see so many 500s this past weekend! I consistently see a few each day here and there. This weekend really surprised me. It was also interesting to note all the different color choices in all the different trim levels. It was a very well mixed variety.

    I also stopped in to see my buddy at the local Studio on Saturday, and he said they sold a lot of units in March. That probably explains the number I saw driving around.

    Also interesting is the demographic. The Studio told me there is no consistency to their typical buyer profile. They sell the 500 to professional, blue collar, young, old, tall, short, rich, middle class, you name it - a true people's car.
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    I too am seeing many more of them about - I like to think the common attribute is 'sensible' and maybe 'fun loving' - I'm glad there are more of them whatever the reason
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    i do see mainly pop, sport or lounge. not so many abarth's. but i like that, cause i drive abarth. :-) there's even more bentley's then abarths". hah.

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    I'm guessing this year will be pretty big for Fiat. It's been around long enough now for people to see them and read about them. There are plenty of models and trims to choose from, and the car WORKS for whatever purpose it's purchased for.

    It reminds me of what the VW Beetle used to be. Although the Beetle didn't come in the many varieties, it was something anyone could buy and drive as is or modify the heck out of it. With the Fiat it comes in many forms already so that some folks won't choose to do anything to it. Others will go nuts with mechanical or cosmetic changes.

    They built a lot of those cars with the same basic body style:
    1938–2003: 21,529,464 built (of which 15,444,858 in Germany, incl. 330,251 Cabriolets,[4] and ≈ 3,350,000 in Brazil)
    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_beetle

    And I do think that our Fiat 500 model could have high production numbers over time. It's different because of the necessity of safety features and the number of standard features that come with the cars, making them more pricey than Beetles were.

    As long as Fiat doesn't go with "model bloat" or drastically change the appearance. It has a unique, fun, retro look to it. It should continue to garner attention and sales for a long time.

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    I noticed a lot more 500s around too, I saw 5 or 6 parked within blocks of each other over the weekend, in the French Quarter. (New Orleans).
    I also noticed this article about March 2013 sales figures

    FIAT Brand

    The Fiat 500 set a sales record for the month of March with its 3 percent sales gain. It was the 13th-consecutive month in which the 500 has set a sales record, including an all-time sales record in September last year. The new 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio, which began arriving in FIAT studios in March, combines turbocharged, track-capable performance with a clever open-top design for a high-performance four-passenger cabrio with the most interior space, rear-seat legroom and shoulder room among key competitors.

    Coming this quarter to FIAT studios in California, the FIAT brand is adding the all-new 2013 Fiat 500e to its product lineup. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has rated the stylish Fiat 500e’s highway-cycle performance at 108 MPGe, which is unsurpassed by any electric vehicle (EV) on the U.S. market. MPGe is the EPA-devised measure for determining how many miles an EV can travel on a quantity of battery-generated electricity that has same energy content as a gallon of gasoline."

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    Seeing other Fiats is a bit more common here in Columbia SC also, and I'm thinking that the 500L will really bump up overall FIAT sales.

    In the Abarth discussion area a recent poll found the same variety of ages for owners, last I looked I think the over 50 group was the largest.

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    My wife and I like to count the number of Fiats we see when we're on a road trip. Our last one was in April and we counted 6. All different colors too!

    On another note, I am glad we found this forum. It's already saved a trip to the studio (80 miles away). Our trunk wouldn't open and we did the "shut the top and hold the button 3 seconds" thing and a many hour process turned
    into 2 minutes. Thanks!

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