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Thread: What type of gas do you use?

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    What type of gas do you use?

    I know that Fiat recommends premium unleaded for the 500 and regular unleaded is acceptable, but I wonder what people use and does it make a difference? I just had my first fill-up and I bought 8.872 gallons of premium unleaded at $3.799 per gallon. The total was $33.70. If I had bought regular unleaded at $3.599/gallon I would have paid $31.93. That's a saving of $1.77. Depending on the number of miles you put in your car over the course of a year, this could be a significant saving. However, does anyone notice a change in performance and fuel economy when using premium vs. regular? Thanks.

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    I pretty much use Shell V Power exclusively although I did try Shell regular for one tank. My mileage dropped from a bit over 34mpg combined interstate and surface streets to a bit over 32mpg. I'll let someone else less math lazy figure out if that saved me any money. My thoughts are that the better mileage with higher grade fuel indicates that the car was happier and was running more efficiently. I'm sticking with premium.

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    I feel the car runs noticeably stronger with 92 octane. I have used 87 plenty of times too. I can't say if there is any difference in mpgs. Seems to be about the same with my mixed driving. I used 87 on my 1500+ mile trip last summer to FreakOut and still was able to get 44-46mpg in Sport mode doing 80mph on the highway. I think there is enough smartness going on with sensors and such that it is smart enough to prevent pinging and punching holes in your pistons.

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    I've used both Regular and Premium. Don't notice much difference, if any, in MPG between the two, however, the engine sounds less 'labored' when using Premium.
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    I just switched from 91 octane 100% pure gas to 87 octane E10 just to see how the car behaved. So far, I can't tell any difference (there might be some residual 100 percent gas left in the tank), but I think I'll be using 91 octane E10 in the future. The Fiat's 10.8 to 1 compression ratio probably really does demand 91 octane for the long haul to develop it's rated horsepower, or I don't think Fiat would recommend that for use. Even if I don't understand the reasoning, Fiat wouldn't recommend 91 octane and risk people griping about having to use "Hi-Test", if it weren't necessary for some reason.

    Before engines had computer management, and when they had carburetors, a 10.8 to 1 compression ratio would have required about 104 octane gas, so I think maybe 87 octane is just not enough.

    Just because the car won't knock on 87 octane just means the timing has been retarded, which usually makes the engine run hotter, less efficiently and develop less horsepower.

    I read up on this in the Car Bible... carbible.com
    ...Section titled "The Fuel and Engine Bible" page 3.
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    I used 91 but have recently been using 87. Car runs the same as 91 and same gas mileage.

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    I use 93 octane exclusively. The studio filled it with 87 but that was the last time it was used. There is a Shell station nearby that runs a 93 for 89 price promotion on Fridays and also discounts the 93 octane V-Power 5 cents per gallon all the time so I get it for near the 87 price when I fill up every other Friday.

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    I honestly can tell no difference in mpg or the way the car runs between the 87 and 93 octane. I use shell 93 octane only because the higher octane is recommended.

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    In our town there is only one dealer who sells non-ethanol gas; it is 94 octane. $4.90 a gallon.
    I filled once but really can't say I noticed any difference.
    But, I found that ourlocal Safeway sell 93 E10 and will use it for a while and see what happens as to mpg. and
    performance. I have an auto, and I have not gotten near what you with a 5 speed do.
    Still love my Sport.

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    Sabrine runs on BP 93 and I did see a difference . Have drop in high flow filter plus use Mobil 1 synthetic oil. Car is significantly faster.

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