Hi, my 2016 500e started having problems this summer. First the radio suddenly died while I was listening to it, which combined with a flashing odometer. Then the car died the day after a 12V service warning. (I had a couple 12V service warnings in the past which recovered after a bunch of door open/closings.) This time I replaced the 12V battery (after jumping), and it had no issues for about a week, before dying again.
I suspect there may be some rodent-induced wiring damage, because I live in a wooded area and have seen signs of rodents in the engine area. But, until I'm able to find someone who can evaluate if that is the cause of either of these issues, what would you all recommend I look for? I bought a Konwei OBD and a yellow adapter and Alpha OBD demo, but I haven't figured out how to use it.