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Can I disable Blue and me with a scanner? I have installed something else...
500 Madness
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Thread: Can I disable Blue and me with a scanner? I have installed something else...

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    Can I disable Blue and me with a scanner? I have installed something else...

    When I bought this car the Blue and me module was junk and the odometer was flashing .
    I have just installed this unit in my 2013 500 pop, it has a canbus controller,front dvr camera, obd2 ,and backup carmera, 20230613_081955.jpg I have everything working perfectly including all the steering wheel controls; now all I have left to do is have the car stop looking for the blue and me module so the odometer will stop flashing. I have a Zurich ZR15S scanner that will read codes and reset them, but I don't now how to access the settings in either the PCM, ECM,or BCM. Does anyone here have experience with this?

    Thank you in advance for any help!

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    Boese Ritter (08-28-2023)

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    You can disable the Blue and Me in the BCM.

    You'll need the proper cables/ adapter, software (Multiecuscan) and a laptop.
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    My Odometer has been flashing/BlueandMe has been dead since an auto shop switched out my car battery. (Do you have a Duracell car battery by chance?)

    The only reason I haven't gone through the somewhat ardous task of just ripping the unit out, is that then apparently the volume/station buttons won't work on the steering wheel anymore and I use those buttons quite often.

    Unless someone has gotten rid of Blueandme and their steering wheel buttons still work?

    I look forward to seeing your resolution! And I hope your wheel buttons still work after!

    I have thought about changing out the Head unit, too, but I don't think that would fix my Odometer issue, as is evidenced by your issue.
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    That isn’t true. I don’t have the movie and my volume buttons all work fine.

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