So I just bought a 2013 Fiat 500 turbo as a car just to go back and forth to work until my lawsuit with Tesla is over. I really like it though and have decided to keep it as my work car. The only problem was I hated the stereo. So I bought a Boss BE9ACP-C package and a bazooka tube from Crutchfield. Crutchfield is top notch with unbeatable customer service. I know I dont need a backup camera but it came with it so why not. I took some pictures along the way and Inm happy to answer any question. The back up camera is a license plate mount, I used the chrome piece above the license plate to run the wire. There is enough of an opening in the power connection to the license plate lights that you can pass the wire through there. I the ran it down the side of the roof all the way back the the head. I will say one of the biggest changes was getting the wires to the head unit, under the das is packed with stuff and not a lot of paths to get there. My head unit has 2 usb cables for Apple car play and usb, I ran them through the glove box. The bazooka tube was easy, just ran down under flooring and to the unit. I had to take the cover off to the hatchback door and side trim, I also had to take the dashboard off and drop the glove box. Nothing hard just time consuming. I would definitely buy the harness with whatever you install.