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2012 500 Sport - No Start
500 Madness
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Thread: 2012 500 Sport - No Start

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    2012 500 Sport - No Start

    Need some tips- my 2012 500 Sport 5 Speed had intermittent start issues and now no start at all. I put in key, turn it to acc, all lights work, act normal, push in clutch, turn key - nothing - no buzz, no click, no starter engagement, just silence. Battery fine, all relays and fuses confirmed good, zero codes, all reading good. Help please
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    My friend posted this on our FB page for you. It's a common problem.

    Clean the main terminal post at the starter solenoid it’s a 13 mm socket. Put the car up on ramps disconnect the battery and clean the battery posts there too, then clean that solenoid positive connection. Just do this first before you start ripping out components because many will tell you to do that. Always start with the basics.
    We've actually had a few threads on this tagged : starter connector

    Here's a post from the sticky in the Fiat 500 Issues and Concerns Forum:

    Quote Originally Posted by Glynn View Post

    As documented in a thread somewhere else, the starter/ignition wire cover/connector was corroded and failed.
    See picture of $4 part that immobilized the car.

    Attachment 30883

    I thought this may be the problem, but I pulled the old starter to have it tested anyways.
    The old starter tested bad and was replaced with a re-man 19139 starter, still didn't start.
    Wire brushed the remains of the ignition wire connector and the car came back to life.

    The part that broke off next to the one I bought today.
    Attachment 30884
    Attachment 30885

    Part number more clearly (readily in-stock at my local dealer).
    Attachment 30886

    Honestly, I'm not sure the old starter was truly bad, I didn't feel like swapping back in the old one.
    At this point, I'm going to put in the new ignition connector and call the job done.
    I didn't troubleshoot the starter connection as well as I probably should have, but the car starts again for less than $100.

    Also, I found out why Heritage Fiat left the under-body tray hanging loose with a zip-tie holding one of the rear connections to the body (dealer oil changes FTW)
    Attachment 30887
    45000 miles and four of the six under-body tray bolts rusted and snapped off in the cradle. Three of those bolts were snapped by the dealer.

    I've decided our next car will not be an Alfa...

    Let us know how you make out. Good luck.
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    It’s fixed! I appreciate you pulling me back to the basics! Disconnected battery and all associated terminals up top then went for the starter terminals and after removing the plastic terminal cover I heard something drop, I found a half of a rusty terminal next to me on the ground. Then when I went to inspect everything I wound the other half of the terminal still embedded in the plastic terminal cover (see pic). It was an extra terminal and the crazy thing is the terminal was obviously never crimped so I assume it’s been that way since factory. After cleaning all terminals (which were in pretty good condition) and posts with a wire brush and some emory paper I reassembled and that 500 started purring again! Thank you!
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Two Other Good Links that have great pics and modifications to the wiring that goes to the starter motor solenoid.

    Link 1:https://xwebforums.com/forum/index.p...nd-hate.36866/

    Link 2: https://xwebforums.com/forum/index.p...g.35320/page-2
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