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Someone is Going to Hell
500 Madness
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Thread: Someone is Going to Hell

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    Someone is Going to Hell

    Who did this?
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Phase 0, Neu-F Torque Bushing, Neu-F 28mm rear bar, El Gato Braces, Corsa Forza center brace, Front & Rear Koni Yellows, 4C coils, Craven Short Shifter, DeFi Boost Gauge, GFB-DV.

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    We had a thread a while back on them. Kind of nuts, but a way so German kids can drive a car. LOL

    It is called an Ellenator

    Quote Originally Posted by Fiat500USA View Post

    Here's the video:

    They are called Ellenators. We had a thread on them a couple of years ago: Odd Fiat 500 "3-Wheeler" Spotted Lapping the Nurburgring with 20 HP Engine

    Here's a post from one of our members in Germany with some details on them:

    Quote Originally Posted by Felix_695 View Post
    These Things exist and they are called -don't lough- Ellenator: https://www.ellenator-gmbh.de/

    You need a driving license class A1 or higher to drive this thing, wich will cost you abaut 1000 to 1500 € and is only good for small Motor bikes up to 125cc. These vehicles then cost the Price of a car plus 5000€ for the conversion. Wich is not reversable. So you spend alll in all at least 20000€ for a "car" that has virtually no vallue to adults. And since the A Class is a bike license you'll need to spend another 1000 to 1500€ when your 18 to get a car license class B and spend another 20000€ to get a real Fiat 500.

    In short: Ever wanted to see a rich brat? Look inside an Ellenator.
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