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Exhaust noise on Abarth 500 multiair
500 Madness
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Thread: Exhaust noise on Abarth 500 multiair

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    Exhaust noise on Abarth 500 multiair

    Hello, I have an Abarth 500 2013 multiair and I have a little problem with the exhaust. When the car is started and is at normal temp and is idling on neutral I hear a click and the exhaust is a little bit louder for 10-15 seconds and after that is going normal. And another problem with the exhaust is that when I press the rear defrost button the exhaust goes a little bit louder. It sounds like the car has a exhaust valve control and when rear defrost is on the valve goes on and when the defrost is off the exhaust valve goes off.
    The car is runing fine with no fault codes.


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    The rear defrost is electrical and should have no effect on exhaust noise.

    Having said that, there is a pressure relief flap at the very back of the trunk that relieves interior pressure when you close a door or the liftgate. It may also open when you use the front defroster as that setting usually increases the fan speed to maximum, possibly increasing pressure in the interior. As the flap is right between the exhaust outlets, more sound may come through.

    If the click you hear at idle is the climate control system turning on, it may be causing the rear flap to open also.

    You will find that the exhaust is also louder when you have the rear seat folded down or the package shelf removed as the pressure relief flap is a weak point in the sound insulation. (The seat back and shelf act as sound insulation.)
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    The PCM is adjusting the idle rpm based on electrical voltage demand.

    The "click" could be the A/C Clutch, Radiator Fan Relay.

    The Rear Defrost demands voltage from the electrical system. The PCM detects you pushed the defrost button, and adjust the engine idle to produce more voltage through the alternator.
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    Just as a thought, could that be the diverter valve? When I'm in a drive thru (start/stop the engine) occasionally the exhaust noise is noticably louder for a couple seconds after starting. I assumed it was the exhaust bypassing the turbo.

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    The idle on mine is definitely louder on cold start than it is normally. Keep in mind this is a MultiAir engine where the computer controls the intake cam profile. It may well be switching from various routines depending on what is needed, and these may change the exhaust sound.
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