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Abarth Production Extended
500 Madness
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Thread: Abarth Production Extended

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    Abarth Production Extended

    Not that it does us any good. But they even have a new color. Dig the optional quilted seats.

    Phase 0, Neu-F Torque Bushing, Neu-F 28mm rear bar, El Gato Braces, Corsa Forza center brace, Front & Rear Koni Yellows, 4C coils, Craven Short Shifter, DeFi Boost Gauge, GFB-DV.

    Abarth & Co. Corse Marche 38/72 Torino Tel. 794.894

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    Quote Originally Posted by mp4guy View Post
    Not that it does us any good. But they even have a new color. Dig the optional quilted seats.

    Bitter and SOOOOOOO jealous...
    2017 500 Abarth, manual trans, NAV, Beats, Sunroof, 17" wheels, everything. But no mods. None, nada.

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    New ABARTH RANGE 2023

    Here's the full press release with images to drool over: New ABARTH RANGE 2023

    • Create your Abarth in just 3 steps: choose its soul, Turismo or Competizione, color, and fine-tune it with Packs. Simplicity at its best.
    • Making its debut, there is a brand-new Orange Racing livery which comes from the combination of the iconic Abarth colors of red and yellow and was inspired by the racing world and the historic Fiat 131 Racing Volumetrico Abarth.

    Configuring your new, thrilling and exclusive Abarth has never been so simple thanks to the brand’s new intuitive and innovative customer experience. The new Abarth range has been streamlined according to the strategy of "simplicity and customer satisfaction".
    \All it takes is just a few minutes to make your own made-to-measure Abarth, as if it were a tailored Italian suit, based on your own personal needs and tastes.

    You can set your adrenaline level with either a 165CV Abarth 595 or a 180CV Abarth 695. Both versions offer thrilling performance, a roaring exhaust, an irreverent and playful, yet bold, style and, of course, the joy of driving. Then you can choose between two souls, Turismo or Competizione, which are available for both powertrains and in both hatchback and convertible versions.

    Specifically, the Turismo’s soul is linked to the values of style and comfort which are typical of Italian Granturismo and, therefore, meant for those customers who like to stand out and those who love the city but still want to live boldly. It features black leather seats, 17” Turismo alloy wheels and the Turismo badge. On the other hand, the Competizione has been made for hardcore performance and sportsmanship lovers and those who want to enjoy the on-road driving experience in the same way they do the track. In short, this soul is dedicated to those who never give up on turning a trip into an extraordinary experience. It offers Sabelt Carbon seats, 17” Competizione alloy wheels and the Competizione badge.

    Once this first exciting step has been taken, you can then configure your own customized versions thanks to two iconic packs. These instantly recall the Scorpion’s legendary tuning kits, which turned standard vehicles into unbeatable race cars in the Sixties.

    The two packs reflect the brand’s core values of performance and style:

    Tech: designed for those customers who are looking for hi-tech equipment, it includes a 7” Navi and Clima auto.
    Comfort: designed for the ones who are looking for premium features to stand out on every occasion, it offers a Beats audio system and Xenon headlights.

    Finally, you can pick your favorite bold color to finish off the configuration of your new Abarth. Making its debut, there is the new “Orange Racing” livery which was created from the combination of the brand’s iconic colors of yellow and red. It is the essence of the Abarth badge and represents the colors that have made the Scorpion legendary. In short, it is the color of all Abarth’s instincts.

    The bold and eye-catching color, whose name recalls the racing world, harkens back to the historic connection between the Brand and the Fiat 131 Racing Volumetrico Abarth limited edition with its Orange Racing 255 livery.

    Turin, November 3, 2022
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    Not sure why...but i'm loving the orange!!!! hehehee
    2018 Luminoso Orange 500c Lounge - H&R/Koni - Abarth Interior, 17" Wheels & Exhaust

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    They must have sourced so many of these T-Jet Motors that they need to keep the main assembly line running to sell them all.
    2020 DODGE Challenger R/T Scat Pack Widebody
    Pitch Black
    8 Speed ZF
    --.-/ --- MPH - Bone Stock

    "I thought you had a HEMI. Yeah, I had to have a footprint gas pedal installed. So I stole this pile."

    2013 500 ABARTH

    2014 SCCA Solo II Texas Region, 2nd G Street
    2015, 2016, 2017, 2018,2021 SCCA Solo II Texas Region, Champion E Prepared

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