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Lots of issues at once- can anyone help? - Page 3
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Thread: Lots of issues at once- can anyone help?

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    Apparently at Mopar.com it shows nothing for the critical U69 software update from Sept 13, 2018, even though the car is older than 2018. It doesn't show completed or incomplete. It's simply blank where it would normally show, right below campaign S93.

    Even if that's incorrect & it really did need U69 but didn't get it, that wouldn't have caused this issue. U69 is to prevent draining the entire pack dead during long-term storage unplugged &/or a 12V battery that's so old it won't take a charge. Even without U69 it wouldn't leave one or more cells at 50% while draining others.

    Hopefully it's still within the 8-year warranty period, since it seems like a very rare case of actual failure of the HV drive battery pack, or at least some part of it: It's extremely rare for a battery cell to suddenly fail, so I wonder if the pack's computer or software failed, draining power from one or more cells & not the others.
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