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Thread: Experience at Portland, Oregon Dealer

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    Experience at Portland, Oregon Dealer

    I dropped in on the Portland dealer Tuesday and the experience was excellent. Was greeted by Bryce Gehlen, the sales manager (his card says FIAT Studio Lead). He gave me a perfect, low key, walk-though of the models, features and options. Turned out they had just received the exact model I was interested in: red Sport with manual transmission and satellite radio. Still covered in plastic wrap. Pricing is what it says on the sticker with no discounts and no add-ons.

    I came "this close" to signing up, but chose to reflect overnight and ultimately decided to wait a while.

    Some interesting tidbits:
    ~ Bryce said that it's been taking about two months to receive cars that were special ordered.
    ~ I'd guess that they had about 40 cars on the lot.
    ~ Those of you from the area will know the name Ron Tonkin. He's been a fixture in the Portland car scene for decades and owns this store. Bryce said he's semi-retired, but his grandson, Alex Tonkin, is the GM of the FIAT dealership.

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    Hi: In May of this year I purchased my Sport 500 Verde Chiaro from the Portland dealer. My salesman, Ryan, was extremely helpful and absolutely not pushy. We found everyone, Including Mr Tonkin to be polite and courteous. All of our
    questions were answered and operation of our car was well explained. You will not be sorry working with them.
    We have 2280 miles on our car and it has been flawless. No rattles, squeeks or funny noises. I have owned many cars in my 55 years of driving (legally anyway) and find the build quality and fit to be excellent. Would highly recommend to

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