My '13 Sport just turned over 60,000 miles so, I decided to change the oil filter in the head. After I got the motor supported and got the DNA motor mount off, I found that the large aluminum part that the mount bolts to was in the way of removing the filter. It was kind of a challenge to remove the bolts to what I would call the mount to head block. It can be moved enough to change the filter once all the bolts are out but, can be completely removed. I studied the block and decided if I ever got it out that it was going to be on a weight reduction plan to make changing the filter, if and when I need to again, easier. I got online and watched several clips on changing the filter. All of the clips I found were showing the filter change being done on Abarths. The aluminum block was very different than the one on my Sport. The picture I wanted to post I couldn't get to upload.