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Smm panel dünyanın en ucuz sistemi

Gas Cap & engine light
500 Madness
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Thread: Gas Cap & engine light

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    Junior Member PopWaveFlorida's Avatar
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    Mar 2022
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    Question Gas Cap & engine light

    I bought a 2012 Fiat this past December, I felt the gas cap needed replacing. I bought a new one, Mopar item. And the engine light keeps coming on? My mechanic is the one comfiming that is the sole reason for the alert. But no matter how many clicks locking the cap it never seems to stop the alert on my dashboard?

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    smark's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    Bad evap canister, failed on my 2012 500.
    Try 3 new gas caps, to Prevail. None worked.

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    Senior Member Fabio13's Avatar
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    Try lightly sanding the metal fuel neck and check for nicks. I also lightly cleaned/sanded the gas cap gasket with a Scotch Brite pad. Then a applied a small amount of Napa Sil-Glyde to the gasket and fuel neck.
    Problem solved for small evap leak message. ie gas cap.
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    Blast to drive! 25 years newer than last car!

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    Official Vendor NGEN's Avatar
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    Make sure your mechanic is performing a smoke test to confirm where the leak is coming from.

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    Senior Member aelfwyne's Avatar
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    Was a bad EVAP canister on my 2015. I couldn't find any sign of leaks, though I admit to not having done the smoke test. Mostly because the EVAP canister and Smoke Test machine that I was looking at both cost about the same. And the EVAP was about the only possibility to be causing it as I'd already checked everything else. There was the possibility of a damaged line, but normally it's either in the canister or the connection to the leak detector attached to the side of it.

    In my case I also suspected the canister because I was having difficulty filling the tank, it would continually shut off before it was full. I do know and follow the advice not to "top off" the tank, but sometimes the canisters simply get fuel in them and/or become damaged for other reasons. Difficulty filling the tank without constant shutoffs is another sign of a bad canister.

    It's a 5 minute job to swap, so shouldn't cost much in labor either if paying someone to do it.
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