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Towing with the 500L
500 Madness
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Thread: Towing with the 500L

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    Towing with the 500L

    Has anyone towed with their L? I was under the impression that it could tow up to 2200lbs. I have looked in both the owners manual and the original sales booklet and nothing is said about towing. So can we or not tow with the L.
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    I don't tow with mine but in the past I've looked at UK websites for towing capacities. The limits are usually much higher over there and in Europe in general. I suspect it has something to do with annual inspections required in so many countries but not in the USA. If I followed the UK guidelines, for example, I'd make sure that I had good tires, brakes and suspension components. A good idea anyway, but essential when towing the maximum amount of weight allowed.

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