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Looking at a 1953 Topolino
500 Madness
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Thread: Looking at a 1953 Topolino

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    Looking at a 1953 Topolino

    This Thursday I will travel to go look at a 1953 Fiat Topolino. Just wondering does anyone have experience with the Topolino? Things I should look for. Other than a Briggs lawn mower having more power (it only has 16hp) is there anything that seems to be a weak point or problem on this car. One thing that I do like about it. It is light enough for me to pull behind my 500L.
    Thanks in advance
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    I love those old Fiats, especially the B model... though the C models added a couple very useful features the B didn't have. I don't think it has anything "special" beyond any other 70 yo car.

    I might try making sure the car wasn't pre-warmed before testing. That'll let you know that it doesn't have any unusual cold start problems then run it long enough for the car to get fully warmed up. (I nearly bought an old car that had been filled with additives and, when warm, had a rod knock. That didn't bother me too much but having a fake title did.) Of course, like any old car, you'd want to check for excessive rust, wiring condition, and that sort of stuff. Just the normal stuff.

    What a fun car. It's been 40 years since I rode in one and, IIRC, it could zip along at 55 MPH, though it felt a lot quicker. As I recall, they weigh just a tad over 1300 pounds so your trailer might weigh half as much as the car... with a capacity of a couple adults and a suit case.
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