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Fiat America web site sucks
500 Madness
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Thread: Fiat America web site sucks

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    Lifetime Member Tramonto's Avatar
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    Fiat America web site sucks

    Went to the web site to see about the Yacht. Built one the way I wanted it and went to look at inventory. All it will let you see is up to 250 miles of the Zip Code. So if none of the dealers within the 250 mile radius have what you want you have to go and enter another zip code. Which meant I had to open up another window and plug in a city name to find out what zip codes it used so I could go back over to the Fiat site and reenter a zip code. It seems like to me it would be beneficial to show all cars in the US that meet your requirment. You would also think that if none are available that you could check future inventory to see when one would be available. I wanted the Yacht with the Advance Drivers assist package. I did not find any Fiat with this option. If they are going to push the Yacht you would think that they would want to provide it with the latest whistles and bells. About to give up on getting the Yacht and just get an old school 500L or Siata Spring.
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    AWD enthusiast Lifetime Member 5port's Avatar
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    They should have a nationwide setting for miles.
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    Yeah, that stinks. What I did was put in various zip codes and do it manually. Or, contact John Montgomery at Benson Fiat and he'll do a search for you. Tell him Chris sent you. https://www.fiatusaofgreer.com/
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    If I was shopping currently I'd probably try to get a 2019+ 500X with the 1.3 direct injection engine. Support for the 1.4 multi-air seems to be getting more challenging.
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    What makes it worse is that the MultiAir was used in A LOT of cars, Renegade, 500, 500x, Dart; and many more
    I don't have a car, or a FIAT, yet. But, we do have a 500 as a family car. It's a 2014 FIAT 500 1.4 MultiAir 105 Pop, 6-speed AISIN AS60T Automatic, Grigio & Nero, 15" steel wheels, and a white stripe.

    105 hp - 100 lb-ft.
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    Moderato map's Avatar
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    Dec 2018
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    Yeah, I noticed that problem years ago when searching for my Fiat. Even when there are lots of cars for sale it never finds a car with the mix of features you want... since the ap simply shows every car near your zip.

    I ended up Googling. "fiat 500x yacht for sale <my state>". Some of the sites that pop up will allow you to drill down for a closer match. It's nice to know there's a dealer that will help with a search because my dealer was a total dud on that sort of help. If it wasn't available in their dealership chain he wouldn't list it.

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    smark's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    The only thing that sucks about Fiat USA web official webpage. They only feature one dated car offering!


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