I just got back from about a five hour trip, mostly interstate driving. About 5 min from home (30 mph zone) my 2015 500L Pop starts hesitating like it is misfiring. I noticed it most at cruising throttle positions.

Before the trip I installed new spark plugs (SIKR9A7). I also serviced the AOS and replaced the PCV valve and oring on the valve cover. The car ran good on the way down and almost the entire way back -about 500 miles round trip over 3 days.

I dropped the family off at home, let the car cool off a bit and took it out again. Drives ok in town but seems sluggish at low rpm’s under 2k or so. Torque says I’m pending codes P0144 and P1CEA.

Does anyone have thoughts on if these are all related? Vehicle has 188k miles. I just recently bought it so hard to know what level of performance to expect. Trip computer told me I was getting upper 30’s for mileage today with the AC blasting and 90+ degrees outside.