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Smm panel dünyanın en ucuz sistemi

Fiat 500e problem with Bluetooth
500 Madness
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Thread: Fiat 500e problem with Bluetooth

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    Fiat 500e problem with Bluetooth

    Dear friends,
    Firstly, let me say thank you so much for this great forum.
    I bought a Fiat 500e 2015 here in the middle of Europe. Amazing car! We love it with my wife so much.
    Unfortunately, I have one problem with Bluetooth function which seens doesn’t work at all.
    I checked many videos, guides, tutorials on the Youtube or here on the forum but nothing help.
    I can enter into the Menu with a „Menu“ button on the steering Wheel. There are many settings about the vehicle, for example: charging time, automatic door lock, date and time etc. But of course there is no setting with Bluetooth.
    Every tutorial I checked is begining „Pres the „Main“ button on the steering Wheel But this button seens doesn’t work in my car. Really Don’t know why and what I’m doing wrong. Also the button for „Voice comand/ voice assistant“ doesn’t work as well. After I press these buttons nothing happend. Of course I tried to have a key inserted into the position one or position 2 when the car is ready. Tried pressing these buttons while car is in park mode and the car is activated or deactivated. I tried everything you can imagine but I’m unable to enter the Blue & me setting where is probably located the Bluetooth setting.
    I’m so disappointed and from this reason I would like to ask you for help what else I can do or to try. Other functions in the car working properly. I also asked previous owner of this car about this strange issue. He just told me that Bluetooth Works fine and He connect phone successfully and the Bluetooth Works normally. Unfortunately He didn’t remember how to do that but remember it was a just a little bit complicated.
    Yes I already tried reset the factory defaults settings and also tried unplug the 12V battery for a while and connect it back but no chance to work.
    I will be happy for any suggestion I can try.
    Many thank you for your help and have a nice day!
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