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Smm panel dünyanın en ucuz sistemi

To keep the L or move to the X
500 Madness
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Thread: To keep the L or move to the X

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    To keep the L or move to the X

    As stated in another post I have been thinking of selling both my Abarth and L and moving to the Yacht Club Cabrio. Now I am wondering if I just want to keep the L instead of getting the X. So I am wondering is there anyone that has gone from an L to an X and were you happy for switching. Or vice versa gone from an X to an L. I like some of the new features listed on the new 500x Sport/Yacht. But wondering about cargo space. Does the x backseat lay flat? In my L and can load both our folding ebikes and luggage.
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    We had a 500X and loved it. We would have bought a 500L, but where we live, AWD is needed. The 500L is more spacious and the cargo area is bigger and more versatile. If you frequently fill up a 500L, the 500X will fill-up quicker. We used a hitch type bike rack on our 500X. I have my doubts bikes and luggage would fit.


    here's a post I made to help someone with the cargo measurements:

    Quote Originally Posted by Fiat500USA View Post
    Welcome to the forum. I did some measurements and it may be tight if you have two pieces of luggage to bring. One will fit without a problem.

    My luggage is about 23 inches (58.4 cm long).

    The tape measure is at 26 inches (66 cm).

    My luggage is about 23 inches long (58.4 cm) and 9 inches (22.86 cm) tall. The tape measure is at 26 inches (66 cm). It may be hard to close the trunk if the luggage is hard.

    Wall to wall is 37.8 inches (96cm) wide.

    Good luck my friend! Have a great trip. Post some pictures of Italy when you can.
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    We bought our 2014 500L for our company. Driving to Trade shows cities to cites. That vehicle did swallow lots of cargo. Nice car when it was new. Pretty much loaded. Bought It for $7 off the sticker price. Turn out to Be a lemon. We needed a really dependable car for our needs. Sold it off. While Cross shopping in 2016, for a replacement car. We looked into the 500X, Kia Soul, Honda HRZ, a Honda Fit. The 2 cars that had the largest cargo Capacity, were the HRZ, and Kia Soul. The rear seats folded completely flat. The Fit got up to 40Mpg on the highway. The 500X was nice Looking, it had the smallest cargo area. Fiat studio didn’t want to deal a price. It was very expensive compared to the other cars. that had more features. The studio had 30 500x’s on the lot too. They didn’t want deal. That dealership went belly up in less then a year. My wife really didn’t like it why it drove too. That would
    Be her office 6 hours a day, driving.

    We finally, decided on buying a 2016 Kia Soul, and 16 Honda Fit. For the trade show vehicle. Both car are close to 150K mile on their clock. Zero issue, just
    Basic maintance. Honda and Kia dealership everywhere. I kind we made those choice. Very few Fiiat dealerships, in the cities she visit.

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    AWD enthusiast Lifetime Member 5port's Avatar
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    If your going to be loading/unloading ebikes in the X I highly suggest a bumper cover/protector. The first time I loaded my Lectric XP the rear axle scratched the bumper cover. I went out and bought the same metal protector they sell on 500Madness. The Lectric XP fits fine folded but two bikes will probably not fit side by side. You will have to put one in front and one near the hatch. Liftover is higher on the X.

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