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Smm panel dünyanın en ucuz sistemi

Fiat 500L Acceleration Issues
500 Madness
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Thread: Fiat 500L Acceleration Issues

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    Fiat 500L Acceleration Issues

    So my 500L started having trouble accelerating recently when going up a hill (the rpm meter would go way up when I pushed on the gas but the car barely went any faster) and the check engine light came on the second or third time this happened. Whenever that happened I'd pull off to the side of the road and restart the car and it would be fine. I looked up common causes for acceleration issues and saw that having a dirty air filter was one of them and mine was very dirty, so I changed the filter myself and the check engine light went off, it seemed fine driving around town so I went on a planned 4 hour drive to visit a friend for the weekend. The problem with accelerating happened once on the drive there but went away after I pulled off to the side and restarted the car and there were no other issues. On the drive back my car felt a bit more sluggish than usual but otherwise nothing else happened, the original issue didn't repeat. Then today the check engine light came back on. I got an OBD sensor and its giving me codes P2262 and U0077. The app I use to interface with the OBD describes the first P2262 code as "Turbocharger boost pressure not detected" and the U0077 as "DTC cannot be verified."

    The earliest I can get it into a dealership is a week from now. In the meantime does anybody here have any insight into what the problem might be, how much that could cost and if its safe to drive in the meantime?

    Thank you!
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    If the revs are way up, and the car is not moving, then that sounds like a transmission issue. What year L and what transmission?
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