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Smm panel dünyanın en ucuz sistemi

DNA Adjustable Top Mounts installation troubleshooting - Page 2
500 Madness
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Thread: DNA Adjustable Top Mounts installation troubleshooting

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbarthUSA View Post
    I don't have these yet, so I'm trying to figure out how they work from pictures. How would you lubricate them, do they need to come apart, or can you do it while they are installed?
    You have to take them apart to keep them clean/ lubricated.

    The axial crush bearing within the top mount will seize due to corrosion, and fail.
    The italian non-sealed bearing needs to be replaced with a sealed axial crush bearing that can withstand the environment and higher torque settings.

    I really feel bad for people that purchase these and live within a salty road part of the country.
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    Got an alignment and all seems well. Ended up with -1.8 FL and -2.1 FR camber with the mounts adjusted as far negative as possible while correcting some caster. Was expecting to get more as I also installed Koni/Neuspeed strut/spring at the same time. Seems like the lower strut mounting bracket is a relatively perfect fit with little play so I feel like I couldn't be losing much camber from that.

    But in any case, the DNA mounts have indeed been noiseless as AbarthUSA@ asked. Creaking turned out to be some mild fender liner rub all around. I guess combination of Koni/Neuspeed and 215/40/17 RT615K+ on Neuspeed RSe05 just doesn't quite fit without issue. Now time to finally get out onto the road and track and just drive.

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    RT615s will rub a bit since they fit larger than their spec. RT660s are worse for this than the 615s.

    Do you have pictures of the witness marks?

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    It's good to know that the RT660 runs even wider; thanks for the info. My 205/40/17 Michelin AS4 also runs into rubbing issues, though I recall reading on this forum that they run larger as well. Where do you find info on the actual size of tires? Didn't occur to me to look for this information before

    I attached a couple pictures of the rubbing on the fender liner. Witness marks are concentrated mainly on the front and rear. (Ignore hole in front fender liner. From unrelated incident )

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