Bacci Romano Final Drives
Stock our cars come with a 3.35 final drive which is great for mileage but terrible for acceleration. Upgrading to a 4.08 final drive will vastly change your acceleration speed without the need for more power. This is safe and no further load on your engine.
Years ago when we raced our Fiat around the country we encountered many race tracks with different configurations. Tracks like Pocono or Charlotte where NASCAR races have long straight and massive top speeds and in that case we used a 3.78 final drive. Other tracks we used a 4.08 and in tight twisty tracks where high speeds over 100mph were never a concern we used a 4.42 final drive. I must add we had 28 different gears to choose from to configure our gearbox to each track. Point being you always want to stay in the power ban.
For street this is not the case. No need to be changing final drives or gears. What I do recommend is going with the 4.08 which is a nice change from the 3.35 and give you acceleration under your foot 80% of the time. No more waiting for the turbo to get into the zone. You will be amazed at the difference.
While you have the gearbox apart it would be a great idea to add the Prometeo LSD since it will not take any more labor. When changing the final drive you will need to replace the 10 bolts holding the ring gear to the diff. We stock those as well.
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