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smm panel

Getting access to rear wiring loom from inside.
500 Madness
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Thread: Getting access to rear wiring loom from inside.

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    Getting access to rear wiring loom from inside.

    Hi. 2015 Abarth. Trying to wire a rear dashcam through the rubber grommet? that goes from body to hatch. How do I remove the rear interior trim to get to the inside part of the grommet(loom)? Thanks in advance. Does all that trim stuff just pop off?

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    Congrats on the new upgrade. Yes, the trim is mostly held in place by snaps and a few screws. If you want to remove the side panel (not just the upper trim) you'll want to remove the rear seat. It is not a difficult removal, excepting that most of them had industrial grade lock-tite on the threads for the seat mounting screws. An impact drive is desirable, but I used a long breaker bar and a ratchet adaptor to pull mine.

    There are several videos on Youtube and descriptions on the site. The videos for Euro cars have slightly different trim. As I recall, there is an extra screw for the pillar post trim and the window trim pops off at the back then has 3 "hooks". You unsnap the window trim at the rear then slide it towards the rear of the car.

    I hope this helps...
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    Most likely you going to run your video wiring under the carpet. You got a lot of trim to remove. You will need to remove the rear seats, to get to rear side panel to remove. That means also take off front should belt. Pop off the trim to C pillar. Snake you’re wiring up the C pillar, pulling back the head liner to get to the flexible rubber body to hatch. Hope there is a enough room in there for addition wiring. There already a lot of wires in the harness as it is. Those wires are known to fray. This is mine.

    Personally I would install a blue tooth reverse activated camera.

    500 Love has a demonstration video here.

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    +1. Don’t stuff more wires through that loom. It’s already over packed and the wires will wear through…I fixed mine this Fall.

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