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Goal Posts in Cold Weather
500 Madness
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Thread: Goal Posts in Cold Weather

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    Goal Posts in Cold Weather

    Last winter, I was having issues with getting goal posts when charging. The issue resolved on it's own, and I am having it again now that it's cold again. Why does the cold weather cause my Fiat to not charge properly? I've never had this happen at a charging station so I think it's more likely the charger than the car. I live in Indianapolis and the weather has been between like 4F and 15F lately.

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    Tips on charging an EV in very cold weather say to not let your car drop below 20% and pre-heating the battery. That can be either inside a garage or "exercising" the battery. Turning on the interior heater can work, warming the interior as well as the current flow warming the battery internally.

    Even a car's 12V battery can have problems charging in very cold weather.

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    Every 500e charging issue that I can recall had nothing to do with temperature. Its battery heater/cooler seems to work extremely well. In a perfect world though it's supposedly best to use L1, at least until the battery gets warmed above zero F.

    Try plugging into the OEM cord, since that corrected issues for me & at least 2 other 500e users. Anyway, you get more range in cold weather if you time it to finish charging right before driving. For example, recharging a typical 40-mile commute by plugging the OEM cord into a standard wall outlet when you go to bed*, so it's just finishing when you wake up.

    Make sure the onboard charge timer is deactivated, since it can default to "active". I set mine to charge "only" from 1:30am until 1am. THAT setting seems impervious to accidental reset. So even accidental activation would only prevent charging for 30 minutes at most.

    Try rebooting any non-OEM EVSE, by either unplugging or cycling the breaker. They've caused issues for several users. Some require reboot EVERY time.

    * or plugging into a smart plug when you get home, & clicking "on" with your phone when you go to bed.
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    2013 500e has been my only car since 2015.

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