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New Electric Fiat 500 on Display in Las Vegas - Page 2
500 Madness
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Thread: New Electric Fiat 500 on Display in Las Vegas

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    Quote Originally Posted by tvmaster View Post
    Don't know if you saw the Stellantis press conference yesterday, but they were pretty vague on what was going where, except that Amazon would be involved.
    "While you were at work, Amazon delivered the steering wheel. 2 more deliveries and you can finish assembling our new car." Maybe they should join with IKEA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tvmaster View Post
    I thought your quote from yesterday; "A mini van, crossover, or SUV is more practical. Fiat failed at selling a $15k ICE 500 here. Why would they try to sell a $35K 500e to the consumer? Who’s going to buy it?" made me think you wouldn't be a buyer?
    Fiat USA pull the plug on the small 500 here. No one was buying them, at $15k. How are they going to justify a $35K 500. There was even any brand loyalty, for the repeat buyers. They really didn’t offer new in performance. A dated sound system without Apple car play, Android auto. Not one advance modern safety feature. Like is offered on the 500x. The Fiat consumer, we’re disappointed in the poor repair service, like yourself.

    Tesla next low cost EV, will be manufactured in China. A $25k model. They have a advance charging network across the country. Smart has given up on the small city car. Offering a small EV crossover.

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    This is just so sad to see these futile EV attempts and otherwise reasonable people trying to adjust the life styles to it. So wrong on so many levels yet the marketing just powers through mowing unsuspecting uneducated consumers. Sorry to rain on the parade, just my opinion...

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    There is more to it than nobody wanted them. The cars were in short supply the last few years of being sold. Production was winding down. Colors and features were not available as the car production was being run out. And of course, we know about the "marketing" among other failures.

    Fiat 500 Sales for 2019
    The continued scarcity of Fiat's traditionally best selling model, the 500 hatch and Cabrio over the past two years have had a significant impact on sales. The model breakdown in the US shows that there was a total of 3,267 Fiat 500 hatchback, Cabrios, and Abarth sold in 2019. This is down 39% compared to 2018's 5,370 cars. By comparison, sales in 2017, when these models were readily available, reached 12,685.

    Contributing factors are seen as the 500's production being stopped most of the 2018 model year for retooling and then the subsequent build-out of the last batch of 2019 cars. Frequent issues expressed on the Fiat 500 USA Forum by potential buyers were a lack of availability of cars, the discontinuation of the many bright and cheerful colors, and the scarcity of manual transmissions for certain models. These sentiments were also echoed by the dealers we talked to.

    The question on whether sales would pick up if the supply issues were fixed will sadly never be answered as Fiat USA has discontinued sales of the 500 in North America after the 2019 model year.

    They basically sold the same identical car for 10 years here. Actually, the later models even had drastically less selling attributes like colors and equipment choices availability, yet there was still some interest. If they gave a real refresh in 2015 and paid attention to it, and the selling experience, there would have easily sold more cars. A 190 hp Abarth would have definitely gotten a lot of attention. But they just gave up on the cars. It's been a few years now, and maybe it's too late?

    I don't know how just offering an EV version of the new car can makes sense here. - at least at the price mentioned in this discussion. Just being an EV alone would likely cut out 80% of all potential sales. A $35K city car is hard to imagine selling. Even in Europe, the car manufacturers are walking away from city cars because of the EV mandates. The price is just not viable.

    What price would a 500EV have to be?

    Personally, I would rather have an ICE one anyway. Neat car that the EV is, it is just not practical for me. An ICE version for $15K would be interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiat500USA View Post

    Has Just Posted the Following:

    The new generation, all-electric Fiat 500 may be getting closer to being sold in America. A European-spec 2021 Fiat 500e will be on display at the CES 2022 technology event in Las Vegas, Nevada, being held January 5-8, 2022.

    CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is considered the worlds pre-eminent technology event. First held in 1967, the yearly event has introduced thousands of electronic products...

    Read more here...
    perfect fiat 500

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