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Live from CES - Stellantis streaming event 8am pdt Wed Jan 5, 2022
500 Madness
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Thread: Live from CES - Stellantis streaming event 8am pdt Wed Jan 5, 2022

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    Live from CES - Stellantis streaming event 8am pdt Wed Jan 5, 2022

    Heres the link. It would appear the company is more concerned with bringing an automated minivan to America, as opposed to the new electric 500.
    Because what we need are valium induced soccer moms in cars which drive themselves..oh my.

    2017 500 Abarth, manual trans, NAV, Beats, Sunroof, 17" wheels, everything. But no mods. None, nada.

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    A mini van, crossover, or SUV is more practical. Fiat failed at selling a $15k ICE 500 here. Why would they try to sell a $35K 500e to the consumer? Who’s going to buy it?

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    Stella announced a PTSD treatment drug that numbs the brain. Maybe Stellantis is trying the same?

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