I bought my 2016 Fiat 500x Lounge used w/ approx. 35k on it in 2019. Clean report from previous owner. Over the past two years have had intermittent random warning lights come on/off - most notably the forward collision warning system turning itself off randomly. Lots of blown running & parking lights. Always mentioned these at my service appointments but never any luck figuring out where the issue stemmed from. I always suspected something electrical.

Have had all recalls addressed (cooling fan replaced, wiring harness repaired, oil consumption test 'passed'). Car is regularly serviced.

Car was at approx. 65k miles this October. I was driving for about 2 hrs on a warm, humid GA day at highway speeds (80 mph). Drove through some torrential downpours too. After I was out of the rain, I went to pass a vehicle and as soon as I hit the accelerator, I got the "Service trans", "check engine" lights. Car was driving fine otherwise. Perhaps a slight chemical burning smell I noticed but otherwise fine. Took it to a dealer nearby who scanned it and gave me a stored TCM error code for the torque converter/clutch (can't remember exact code at the moment). Drove the car 2 hrs home. Lights cleared overnight but still took it in to my local mechanic. They couldn't replicate error/code so sent me on my way. Lights came back a few days later while driving normal speeds. They recommended just doing a fluid change which I agreed to. Drove fine for about a week.

Then as I was driving north to visit family (about 700 miles away), the lights returned. Took it to Fiat this time who diagnosed it as a torque converter issue and recommended replacing that and the valve body. Took a full month for them to do the work. Most notably when I got the paperwork back there was indication of metal in the transmission which they had not mentioned to me in my phone calls with them. I asked them why with a sealed, filterless transmission they felt only replacing these parts was a good fix. Surely if there was metal in the trans, it had been circulating through the entire system and caused more extensive damage to all the components. It was quite the frustrating ordeal having that convo with them. They didn't see it as an issue. Also was fishy considering my local mechanic made no mention of particles/pieces when they did the fluid change.

Drove the car off the lot and immediately heard grinding and had gear changing issues (between 1-2 and again between 6-7). Took it back to them and they said the TCM got wiped somehow and needed to be reprogrammed. Did that and car worked fine for about a day. However, the lights did return. Got pretty angry with them this time and got FCA Cares involved.

Returned car to same dealer who stated the clutch had burned out (surprise surprise?) and recommended an entire trans replacement. I just got the car back yesterday. Has been over 2 months back and forth in their shop and FCA Cares couldn't care less. All they did was provide some assistance with checking in on the work the dealer was doing and reporting back to me. They were otherwise useless and callous to the situation their vehicle put me in.

Thank God I had a service contract on the vehicle otherwise I would have been looking at close to 10k in total repairs. Nevermind all the lost time and money on traveling back and forth because I thought it was fixed, borrowing other vehicles, etc. I fully intend on trading this awful vehicle in as soon as I can.

Has anyone else replaced the trans and had their issues cleared up?

Again, I have always suspected the issue is electrical. I doubt the trans is the actual issue. Perhaps a result of something larger - but not the primary issue itself. Fiat doesn't seem to care to figure it out. Wondering how long it will be before I'm facing the same issue/lights again. Hope to have it gone before that time.