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Easy DIY Vertical Braces
500 Madness
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Thread: Easy DIY Vertical Braces

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    Easy DIY Vertical Braces

    I've built many parts for my car but, this was one of the easiest DIY projects. I built a set of vertical braces years ago out of 1.5" x .250" strap. I cut and welded pieces together to match all the angles of the stamped OEM ones. It took too much time and work. Then there way the weight gain. A pair of OEM braces weigh 15 oz. My braces weight 2 lbs. and 10 oz.. I didn't want the weight gain because I'm in a never ending quest to drop weight off my 500 Sport. So I put the braces I built on my wife's Lounge because weight wasn't an issue on her car. I wanted a set of aluminum braces for the light weight but, that will never happen and I won't get into why. While picking up some items in an Atwoods a few weeks back I was looking at the structural metals they sell. I bought a 3 foot stick of 1.5" x .500" channel iron. I thought that with the channel shape would be easy to bend, weldable, and lighter than strap. So I took one of the OEM braces off and measured and marked the angles on the channel. Then I cut a "V" out and bend the channel to match the angle of the OEM brace. Then a small tact weld to hold the angle and then did the other end which took a straight cut because you open that end up, then another tack weld. If the angles are good ,weld it out. Then measure and drill the bolt holes and check out the fit. One of the bolt holes should be oversized to allow for some vertical movement once the weight is back on the car which is when they say to tighten the bolts. Then the finished braces need to be clamped in a good vice and a 11 degree twist bent into them to match the angles on the car. Then paint or powder coat them and spend the money you saved for the next mod. This style of braces weighted 2 pounds.braces (1).jpgDSCF5371.jpgDSCF5369.jpg

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    I made my own a couple years ago. Pretty simple design and easy to make. Been on the car for over 2 years with no issues, welds all holding strong. Even had some decals printed to put on them as a joke. O.G. Racing (Old Goat Racing) Sorry pics are a little blurry.

    install Vert Chassis Brace PS.jpginstall Vert Chassis Brace DS.jpg

    2013 500 Sport - Espresso Brown
    2017 500c Abarth Cabrio - Rosso Red
    Abarth mods:
    Aodhan AH-02 17x8 Wheels
    4 Point Roll Bar
    Madness CF Front Lip
    Madness CF Rear Lip Extension
    EC Phase 2 with P&B's Tune
    Tsudo Hi-flow Cat & Cat Back Exhaust
    Lots of CF trim
    Forge Blow Off
    Forge WGA
    Tork Intake & OG Racing Ram Air Pipe.
    Madness Bronze & CF Front Brace
    Speedlab 25mm Front Sway Bar
    CFP 25mm Rear Torsion Bar
    Chassis Braces
    BC Racing Coilovers
    Custom Tan Leather Interior

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