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Stock Brakes Brand?
500 Madness
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Thread: Stock Brakes Brand?

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    Stock Brakes Brand?

    Does anyone know what brand stock brakes came with the Abarth? I bought my 2013 new and for some reason I thought they were Brembo. No?
    Bill Tubbs

    2013 Nero Abarth
    RRM Rear Anti-sway Bar, Neuf Shifter Adapter, NORCAL SS Custom Gauge and Pillar Pod, K&N Air Filter, Falken Azenis RT 660 , 205/40-16 on Sparco Assetto Gara wheels

    2021 SCCA Sacramento. - HS Champion
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    2013 SCCA Sacramento - 2nd GS

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    From the factory. They are probably Mopar brake pads.

    Here are some after market options….,1684
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    You can see the Abarth specs at

    Some models of the 124 were available with Brembo as an option, but the Abarth 500 had a single piston design. (If I read the specs correctly, the same brakes are used on all lines 2018 and later.) Brembo brakes offer multiple (usually 4) pistons which can apply more force over a wider area to the pads but for the majority of uses it's more of a staus symbol. The factory brakes are capable of stopping hard enough to exceed tire grip, but if you are into extreme motor sports, there are pictures of the Brembos stopping hard enough to lift the rear wheels a foot off the ground. Needless to say, putting Brembos on the rear would mostly be useless.

    Brembos are available as an aftermarket in the $2500+ price range. Brembos are counterfeited so verify the product if you choose to go that route.

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    Brembo rotors and ferodo pads. The pads from the factory are excellent, but the rotors are nothing special.

    2015 Fiat 500 Abarth
    Power:Tork 3" Intake, Forge BOV, EC FMIC, 4C coils, Tork S1/S2/Meth Tune, ATP downpipe, Boost Leak Fix, Turbosmart WGA, Magnaflow Muffler, 2.5" CX Cat Back, Methanol Injection
    Handling: H&R 5mm spacers, El Gato Front Braces, Tork Collars, DoverLabs Coilovers, CPR lower brace
    Misc: Schrothe QuickFit Harness, OBDLink MX+, Race Tires: 205/45/16 Bridgestone RE71R, Street/Drag: 205/45/16 Conti ECS, HAWK HPS5.0, Defi Boost Gauge
    DSP/D-class (local club classing)

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