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Long Term Storage?
500 Madness
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Thread: Long Term Storage?

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    Long Term Storage?

    Fiat 500e parked in garage for a year on a trickle charger with positive terminal disconnected and isolated from Fiat's electrical system, return after one year reattached positive terminal to Fiat's electric system a car went in fail mode. The Fiat manual has little information regarding storing this vehicle?

    Fiat 500e now a Chrysler/Fiat dealer in fifth week of waiting for any action on situation.

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    Fiat 500e manuals say leave it attached to a Level 1 or Level 2 charger (2013 pdf pg 316 & 2019 pg 250):

    "VEHICLE STORAGE The preferred way of storing your vehicle for a long period of time is to leave it attached to a Level 1 or Level 2 charger."

    Vehicle Storage.jpg

    Unfortunately the manuals' index entries for "Storage, Vehicle" direct you ONLY to pages about running A/C periodically (& for 2019, 12V disconnect).

    Even more unfortunate: royceda posted on the other forum that during nearly a year of storage, the wall outlet's GFCI breaker tripped & the car's HV battery dropped low enough for permanent damage. Someone else on that forum reported 25% loss in only 7 weeks, so act accordingly. For example someone checking every few months, or monitoring with the My500e app or maybe just a smart plug (just make sure it can handle at least 12A).
    2013 500e has been my only car since 2015.

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