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Wastegate solenoid
500 Madness
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Thread: Wastegate solenoid

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    Wastegate solenoid

    What happens when the wastegate solenoid goes out does your car go in limp mode and always saying underboost

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdgarner View Post
    What happens when the wastegate solenoid goes out does your car go in limp mode and always saying underboost
    sorry for this long reply...but since you brought it up and no one answered...a long time ago in 2018 my car got really sluggish under 3k rpm...

    why? because in 2018 i made the massive mistake of taking the car to a fiat dealership service center for a p1cea code under warranty and they said they gave me a new purge solenoid and after that my car was much slower than when i bought the car...i immediately thought after getting the car back "****, i guess this car had one of those tunes and i didnt realize it and now theyve flashed my ecu to stock!" which i then assumed is what made the car feel slower than a possible tune that my car had...because why would a purge solenoid replacement slow it down? the only logical conclusion in my head was that "they removed a tune i mustve had" but i figured was just how the car came...get what im saying? like i thought the car was stock but it possibly had a tune and then i took it to fiat for this p1cea code and it was slower so in my head i thought "oh sh!t wait i did have a tune and now they erased it! damn!"

    ok so because of that i bought EC eurodrive and it definitely didnt help at all..throttle was more responsive sure, but the car wasnt any faster (MY car im not saying this is everyone experience with the EC tune)...flashed back to stock and sold that...

    so now in 2019 my car went limp one day and fiat told me i have to replace the turbo (but wont be warranty), so i did as well as new plugs, and silicone lines from EC...still sluggish under 3k rpm but it made the car back to the "new normal" that i had been experiencing (ever since the 2018 dealership visit for the p1cea..unfortunately not the way i bought the car still).

    THEN i got a tork tune hoping maybe thats what it was...nope...its faster than stock now and even faster EC imo (on MY car again im not tryna talk sh*t) but the responsiveness under 3k rpm is still just as bad as "stock" (i use quotes because honestly its not as good as when i bought the car..back when i bought it the responsiveness and acceleration was mad...literally threw me back and had crazy torque steer etc..honestly felt more powerful even tho i know it was only hitting 18psi vs torks 24psi...ec was 12-16psi.)..

    ok so at this point ive tried both tuning companies, new turbo, silicone lines from ec, new plugs/coils, fiat says i got a new purge solenoid in 2018...

    so, fast forward to 2021 and i have a burned valve...posted pics online and i eventually run into the original owner of my abarth on facebook...he tells me he never had any tune in the first place (this is how i found out/know i didnt buy the car with a tune, but fiat basically just fked up somewhere that day in 2018 imo)...

    so yea, anyway, ALL I CAN THINK OF AT THIS POINT is that i need a new boost solenoid aka wastegate solenoid...if i push the pedal to the floor under 3k rpm i will get p0299 code most of the time but sometimes i also get p1d7f...hopefully this solves that BUT ALSO makes my car quicker off the line how it used to be.. like i used to be able to take on my coworkers lexus IS with sport package...i want THAT abarth which i bought...lets see...

    TLDR/summary: ok so basically 3 months after owning the car, back in 2018, when fiat replaced my "purge solenoid" due to p1cea cel (and im assuming reflashed my car?) something happened...it just made the car much more sluggish in lower rpm...anyway, back to present time...i can only think of TWO parts that are worth switching out at this point after everything ive done so far to see if it solves the p0299 and/or p1d7f codes under WOT when rpms are lower which also cause the warning light and limp mode until car is restarted...

    ::drum roll:: in my opinionits either the boost solenoid (wastegate solenoid) OR map sensor in my opinion...i really dont see how it can be anything else at this point...

    i ordered the boost solenoid (aka wastegate solenoid) recently and it will be here nov 16-dec 3 range...wish me luck..and good luck to you...

    extra BS: if i truly get this car running how it should on the stock map again by the time im at 50k miles, then i might sell it...it really seems that 30% of owners got screwed with pos cars, and 70% got a great experience...i wish more of the 30% with pos cars were more noticed..i wouldve never bought this POS if i knew...its insanely fun, but its truly only enjoyable if you were one of the lucky 70% with little issues/basic maintenance... in 4 years i have had to:

    -replace purge solenoid, warranty
    -replace door handles, warranty
    -replace passenger sideskirt, warranty
    -replace rear sway bar, $600
    -replace turbo, $1400
    -replace lines with silicone hoses from ec (done with turbo)...and the cherry on top
    -this summer i needed a cylinder head rebuild due to burned valve on cylinder 3. $3100

    so lets see i bought the car for 16000 after taxes fees etc...then spent $5100 in repairs so far within 4 years...so the car actually cost me $21,100 at this point and its still not even as fast/fun as the day i bought it because fiat somehow made it much slower when i took it in for that p1cea code...ahhh i could go in circles all day rambling about this...fml, fk my anxiety, fk my ptsd...this car has been hell to own with mental issues like that :/ and now i believe i may have annoyed my usual car guy and am no longer getting any responses...so idk...once i get this boost solenoid installed if its not any different i really might just have to sell this car and buy a cheaper/less fun/more reliable car...idk maybe i just didnt deserve this treat in my life. i surrender lol.. :/
    2016 Abarth 500||Giallo Modena Perla||Sila FMIC||ATP high flow catted downpipe||EC v2.1 CAI||4c coil pack||gfb dv+||DNA rear sway bar||Tork Tune

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    Did you ever get this figured out

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