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Manual transmission oil change - Page 2
500 Madness
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Thread: Manual transmission oil change

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    I just remembered that I have a whole case (12 bottles) of Redline racing engine oil (forget the viscosity) sitting somewhere in my garage. I bought it years ago and never used it because it is made for race engines so does not have any of the additives that street engines need. That was an expensive mistake. Sigh...smells good though. Lol.
    Maybe I can just substitute one quart of Lucas oil additive to an oil change and call it a day. I don't think it was a multi-grade oil though. Probably SAE 30 or 40. Should find that case...
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    Quote Originally Posted by fast_dave View Post
    ....... snip.............So, the bottom line is now Redline gives you a choice - MTL or MT-LV, and either one is a fine choice for FIAT manual transmissions
    I suspect you're right and, like you, I have no desire to turn this thread into some kind of argument; however, I still can't find anything anywhere that says that I should use a tranny lube meeting MS 9224 specs in my 2015 Abarth.

    My owners manual specifies MOPAR C635 DDCT/MTX and as far as I can tell, the Red Line guys claim that their MT-LV 70W75 is the product which matches that specification.

    As you know, finding out all you really would like to know about lube specifications, what they mean, and which oil cross references to another product is a difficult task.

    Can you point me to a reliable source (preferably MOPAR or FIAT) where I can find a recommendation to use MS 9224 oil in my Abarth transmission? I'm trying to educate myself, but it ain't easy.

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