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Thread: What differences in suspension and steering in the Sport compared to a Pop?

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    What differences in suspension and steering in the Sport compared to a Pop?

    Asking about the early models in general. I see the Abarth has a 10% quicker steering ratio, does the Sport have that too? And tires are 195/45/16 series vs. 185/55/15 on the Pop. What about strut and spring rates? Sway bar thickness? Bushings?

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    I can't speak to specific numbers but I can tell you that my 2012 Sport has much stiffer springs than my wifes Pop. Hers I can push down about two or three inches on the front, while on mine it's maybe a 1/2 to 3/4 at most. The steering also feels quicker in the Sport, but that may be because the suspension is more responsive.

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    If you're going to race buy the 500 ABARTH.
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    Sport has stiffer springs than Pop but not as stiff as Abarth. Steering is the same with tighter steering in sport mode. Abarth steering radius is much worse than Pop or Sport.
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    The springs and shocks are different on a Sport model compared to a Pop. Steering is the same.

    The sport button remaps the throttle, making it open more aggressively, stiffens the steering and if equipped with an automatic transmission, the shift calibrations are sportier ( quicker gear changes and allows each gear to be held for longer periods near the redline.).

    Some more differences:
    Quote Originally Posted by Fiat500USA View Post
    Welcome to the forum.

    1) Pop and Sport are different trim and model levels, but also Sports before 2017 have a sport suspension with different wheels and tires, sportier transmission ratios for more acceleration (2013 -2016), different instrument cluster, seats and front and rear fascia. Exhausts were also more throatier, so there are differences in both looks and performance. The Sports ride firmer and handles crisper. The Pop rides softer, has wider seats and is a more geared towards relaxed touring.
    Doing some more research on the forum I've come up some info. The stuff below is a comparison between a 500T (which uses the Sport's suspension) and the Abarth.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fiat500USA View Post
    There have been a few thread on this. Here is a quote from one:

    Quote Originally Posted by Fiat500USA View Post
    It is and it isn't the same. Think of the 500T as a Sport with more power. As everyone knows it uses the same engine and trans as the Abarth, but with the suspension of the Sport. Obviously, everything could be changed over to Abarth specs, but the cars do have quite a few unique differences that would need to be addressed.

    Besides the engine calibrations and the trim changes, here are some other differences between the 500 Abarth and the 500T:

    • 40 percent stiffer spring rate and 0.6- inch (15 mm) lower ride height.
    • Abarth-designed cast iron front-lower control arms for improved lateral stiffness.*
    • Increased negative camber to -1.5 degrees.
    • Dual-valve Frequency Selective Damping (FSD) KONI front Struts.
    • 40 percent more torsionally rigid rear axle with strengthened coil-spring supports.
    • A 0.87-inch (22 mm) Abarth-specific solid rear-stabilizer bar.
    • 20 percent stiffer rear springs with 0.6-inch (15 mm) lower ride.
    • Abarth features a 15.1:1 (up from 16.3:1) steering-gear ratio for 10 percent quicker steering.
    • Uniquely tuned electronic power steering (EPS) calibration for increased steering response and feedback.
    • Abarth-tuned ESC system features a three-mode calibration to maximize handling capabilities on and off the track. When ESC is selected from “On” to “Partial Off” or “Full Off” on the instrument panel, the 500 Abarth’s Torque Transfer Control (TTC) system maximizes throttle performance during on-throttle cornering.

    *The 500T also has the cast iron arms.
    The Abarth also doesn't have a muffler while the Turbo does.


    Depending on what you want to do and how far you want to go, maybe financing the extra $2,000 might make sense.
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