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Thread: I hope this is the dumbest question ever about shifting into 5th gear

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    I hope this is the dumbest question ever about shifting into 5th gear

    So we picked up a 2012 500 and it's a blast to drive. Since we got it, it won't shift into 5th gear unless you pull up on the collar and move it over. Is this normal?
    I hope it is! Thanks so much for your time!

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    That collar is your reverse lockout. You shouldn't have to use it for shifting into 5th. You may try adjusting your cables.


    1. Open hood
    2. Remove the battery tray
    3. Remove the shift selector cable end pivot coupling from the lever of the transmission
    4. Loosen the locknut on the shift selector cable
    5. Push the shift lever into the reverse gate while holding the lever in neutral
    NOTE: An elastic strap can be used to hold the shifter in the reverse/neutral position
    6. Adjust the length of the cable until the pivot end engages the shift lever on the transaxle
    7. Snap the shift selector cable end onto the shift lever on the transmission
    8. Tighten the locknut
    9. Install the battery tray and battery

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