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Thread: Beltline decals?

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    Beltline decals?

    My mother-in-law just purchased a 2012 Gucci white hardtop. Since she's in Florida the stripe decal has faded, actually just the red part has faded. The dealer/shop quoted her $850 to replace. I told her I might be able to do it when I'm down there. Has anyone replaced one themselves? I thought for a cheap fix she/I could just get wide red stripe decal and lay it over the faded part. Then I saw complete kits for approx. $100. https://www.speedycardecals.com/se-5...es-decals-kit/ Is there a need to remove the old one? ANyone try this yet? Thanks!

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    I'd certainly give it a try. Some people who remove old stripes find they like the car's look better than with. Obviously, I haven't done a Gucci but have done similar sized stripes on a couple cars.

    Taking the old stickers off shouldn't be too hard. Use a blow drier to warm it. You'll feel it's getting a bit soft and then it'll peel, either with your fingers or a rubber/plastic tool. Keep warming it ahead of where you are working and most will peel off in one piece, adhesive and all. I would use a hair drier instead of the heat gun. It's a bit slower but you won't scorch the paint. Then clean the surface, using a wax remover and, usually, a clay bar. (That's mostly for the edges to remove oxidation, dirt, and wax applied since the car was new, to give a like-new surface to adhere to.) To apply you should be in a well lighted garage (out of direct sun and dust) and use a roller and/or soft edge squeegee to smooth and remove bubbles.

    Worse case scenario, you remove an already damaged stripe.

    If your new one is an exact match for size/color you can apply over the old, but you'll have a noticeable (double thickness) edge that'll collect dirt, etc. There's also the possibility it'll lift after a while since the old sticker is oxidized. You might check around on pricing for applying the new decal with the old one off. Removing/cleaning the surface before applying is the time consuming part of the job, but some shops don't want to apply a customer supplied part. Wide stickers are easier to get slightly "off"... with wrinkles or bubbles during application.

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    You can buy one of these:

    ABN Rubber Eraser Wheel 4in Pad & Adapter 1-Pack Pinstripe, Adhesive Remover, Vinyl Decal, Graphics Removal Tool - - Amazon.com

    I've used it successfully to remove old vinyl pinstriping before applying new vinyl pinstriping. Works great and doesn't harm the paint or clearcoat.

    Removal works best above 70 degrees. After all the cleaning, finish with a wipe down using Denatured Alcohol right before applying the vinyl pinstriping.

    Don't know what your Fiat pinstriping looks like, but here's what I did with mine.


    Post a photo when completed. Good luck.

    Have a good day.

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