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500 Madness
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Thread: Early Model vs. Late Model Reliability

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    Question Early Model vs. Late Model Reliability

    Greetings to all!

    I've long been enamored by the Fiat 500 and am in the market for a new automobile (albeit for nightmarish and unwelcome reasons). There's a 2017 Lounge with 23k miles available at an authorized Fiat dealership in my area (1-owner and clean CarFax to boot!)

    My question is, I naturally see more analysis of the 500's long-term viability (or, sometimes, lack thereof) in reference to earlier 2012-2015 models. I say "naturally" because people have obviously had less time to put miles on later models, and fewer of those units have been sold in general.

    I understand the value of abiding by the maintenance schedule with this (or any) vehicleand also the fact that the platform has been mostly unmodified for the last 10 yearsbut I'd be interested in hearing y'all's perspective on whether or not there's greater hope at getting maximum long-term mileage out 2017 than there would be for a 2012 or 2013.

    I appreciate the input! I love the car, but I also don't want to make it a pure "heart" decision without doing adequate "head" work.

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    Car Manufactures employ a very special engineer:
    Failure Analysis Engineer

    Every time there is a catastrophic failure on a vehicle, the failed part is reviewed by this Engineer.
    Their specialty is to analyze the part and write a conclusion to what failed.
    TSB and Recalls are issued based on the Failure Analysis Engineer reports.

    That's why on initial model part numbers are updated with superseded part numbers.

    This is another reason Studios/ Dealerships monitor your vehicle and report back to corporate with warranty claims and aftermarket modifications.
    Corporate wants to know what's failing, and what modifications are being done to vehicles as these modifications may be causing these failures.

    In a technical way, the 2017MY will have any updated/ superseded parts (via the factory assembly line) and upgraded electronics versus the 2012MY.
    You'd be "safer" in the long run buying a 2017MY with 25K Miles, versus a 2012MY with 25K miles.

    It just all depends on what your plans are with the vehicle and how long ownership you are going for.
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    My 2012 was built, in 2011. Going on 10 years old. It’s Been very reliable. All the bugs have been work out, during the warranty period.
    Still the 500 has issues with outside door handle, rear wheel bearing, rear hatch wiring.Years ago we had are car info service. I notice, while we had a dealer loaner. A 2014 500. That car seem to have a more solid build feel, for some reason.
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