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Thread: Michelin Pilot Sport 3 A/S Plus tires vs BF Goodrich Sport Comp II

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    Michelin Pilot Sport 3 A/S Plus tires vs BF Goodrich Sport Comp II

    After 33,000 miles on my BF Goodrich tires I decided to upgrade to Michelins. I went to Costco and went from 205's (wheel rim protection) back to stock 195's, the only available size. Don't drive very hard and except once or twice to see what she'll do. The BFG's should've been replaced earlier but in super dry weather the car handled really well with little tread left.

    The car always seemed (IIRC) a little skittish whilst taking turns and the whole car felt a bit like driving on concrete tires especially after Costco would pump up the pressure 3-4 psi above recommended. Then I would go home and the next morning let some of the nitrogen air out to get back to a cold pressure of 35psi front and 30 psi rear. The car still rode a bit stiff and I was thinking that was the nature of the beast.

    After switching to Michelins...

    WOW! What a difference! It's like driving a Lexus! Well not exactly but you get the idea. The car drives sooo m u c h smoother over cracks in the road. Even going in and out of my driveway. I'd always thought rattles were going to be the nature of the beast but things have settled down. Love these tires. Plan on breaking them in before doing a few turns at speed.
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    Blast to drive! 25 years newer than last car!

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    I'm on the second set of
    Michelin Pilot Sport 3 A/S Plus on my 13' Sport. I've run them in the rain at the Dragon and in the summer at Twisted Sisters with no complaints. I can't compare them to other brands . I can tell you my car stays planted.

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    I have the 205/40/17 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 4, the newest version of this tire on my 16' Abarth. A great improvement over the stock P Zeros in all conditions. We had some snow here recently and the Michelins were OK. They are not a replacement for snow tires, but they are alright for occasional light snow, unlike the Pirellis, which are useless in even the mildest of winter conditions.

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    Another advantage of the Michelin is how much noticeably QUIETER they are than the P-Zeros.
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    I purchased the Michelin sports 16”, several years ago. From the Tire Rack. There don’t seem to carry that size anymore. Light year ahead of the OEM Continentals. They were more expensive.

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