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Finally got to try out the suspension blocks.
500 Madness
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Thread: Finally got to try out the suspension blocks.

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    Senior Member TheDan's Avatar
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    Finally got to try out the suspension blocks.

    I've always been really curious how the Alfaworks suspension blocks actually feel on a car... A buddy let me try his 4C with them installed to find out. I'm not convinced.

    Oh, he has the EC phase 2 tune, as well. I really enjoyed that in the moment, but in retrospect I'm wondering if it took out some mid-range throttle sensitivity.

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    Senior Member mp4guy's Avatar
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    Some people swear by them, but that might have been because the earlier models were plagued with excessive tramlining. Alfa tended to this later on.

    I considered buying one of these for some time. But personally, I couldn't live with one.
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