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New used FIAT 500e owner
500 Madness
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Thread: New used FIAT 500e owner

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    New used FIAT 500e owner

    Hi! I just bought a 2017 FIAT 500e with the sport package to replace an aging irascible 2001 Saab wagon. It's been quite the adjustment, and I'm quickly understanding the nuances of range anxiety with an electric car. I love it though - it's the newest car I've ever owned, the design is great, the turning is on a dime, the car's size is all I need, and the seat is easier to get into and out of than my old car. I also love the fact that Marchionne considers the 500e to be the company's bastard child - I love the unwanted unloved things of the world. Since I'm in Oregon, to get the $2500 rebate for buying a used BEV I have to not modify the powertrain or batteries of the vehicle for two years, but once I'm done with that you can bet I'm going to chop this puppy apart and Frankenstein it!

    I look forward to getting to know the FIAT community.

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    Welcome and I hope you enjoy the group. I'm wondering what sort of hoops you have to go thru to get the $2500. I'm also in Oregon and, in 2019, no one could explain how that worked... or even IF I would get a rebate. (They were quick to charge a sales tax on my new car, but couldn't say if/when they'd offer EV rebates.)

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    Welcome to the forum. Glad your enjoying you 500e. I wish Fiat would import, the brand new 2021 500e here. Beautiful EV car. Wouldn’t have to worry above driving range. Fast charging too.

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