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500x 2016 infotainment upgrade
500 Madness
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Thread: 500x 2016 infotainment upgrade

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    500x 2016 infotainment upgrade

    Hi all! Im looking for upgrade my 6.5 uconnect head unit with 7 CarPlay enabled uconnect infotainment system. 1. How fo i know if its compatible? 2. Any pitfalls?

    appreciate your advice in advance

    dont shoot me if its a noob question that being asked already (didnt find on the forum, tried, maybe my search skills are bad)

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    Hello, I also have same question as you. Do you find any answer?

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    I also want to upgrade my system to Android Auto.

    I found this system which can replace the Uconnect. I saw a review of it (just for a different car, but same brand) on youtube which seemed mostly positive (it was a review of owning it for a year). They said it has all the settings that the Uconnect does (even the ones that control door locks, dashboard dimming, parking brake, etc. They said it can use the same backup cam if the connector is the same, otherwise you can use their camera. They have a few different models for the 500x.

    If you find anything else, like an upgraded UConnect, let us know.

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