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Thread: Burned oil smell

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    Burned oil smell


    New to the Forum and did a quick check and did not find any post of my issue. I have a 2014 500L with 154k miles. I live in USA so have the 1.4 Turbo engine.

    Issue is when you drive somewhat on the throttle, at a stop sign/light, can smell burned motor oil. No smoke can be seen. I can drive relatively light on the throttle and never smell anything.

    Back in April (smell was starting) after an oil change I noticed oil by the PCV. Removed it and the o-ring was brittle so I changed it. Few weeks went by and smell was still there but I was just the left over oil from the leak I saw. Forward now (7months) and I can still smell like I stated up above when I drive on the throttle/aggressive.

    So I'm guessing a leak dependent on oil pressure. Higher up on the engine I'm guessing the top valve cover. Just reaching out to the hive and see if someone has seen something similar or know what the issues could be?


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    Sounds like the oil mess wasn’t cleaned up enough. It can also get into the spark plug holes and on the exhaust. By the way I’d change that o-ring at every spark plug change which my owner’s manual says is 30,000 miles.
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    If you didn't clean oil out of the AOS and replace the PCV, that could be part of the problem. If the PCV is sticking, harder driving *might* be creating extra pressure in the crankcase. The AOS is scheduled to be replaced every 100K miles, but cleaning and replacing the o-ring and PCV is the same service (at less cost). With self service, it's cheap enough to do every spark plug interval.

    As Fabio said, try pulling spark plug #4 and looking for oil in the spark plug well and on top of the engine. If you clean oil from the engine (taking care to not get the electric parts overly wet) it might help you find a leak. Paper towels work well for drying the spark plug wells. If you got your oil ring from a source other than the dealer, I've heard occasionally the o-ring may be slightly undersized.

    If you still suspect an oil leak, they have dye you can add to your oil and a UV light to detect the leak. The kits are fairly inexpensive, thought the cheap lights are weak enough you might want to use them in dimmer light.

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    Here is the video I used to tell me how to clean it out.

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    Also consider changing the cabin air filter if it was filtering oil
    fumes for any length of time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by map View Post
    replacing the o-ring
    I see you did this, but just for anyone else stopping by:

    Was exactly my problem, I took off PCV/oil separator to inspect and after reinstalling on valve cover had the "burn oil + smoke when braking." O-ring seems to take a lot of abuse and compresses/refuses to swell.

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