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Thread: Sunroof Reset

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    Sunroof Reset

    Does anyone know how to completely reset the sunroof on a 500? I have tried to close it with the Allen Wrench but it won't close. It will open but I can't get it to completely close. I was thinking of removing the fuse and then manually trying to close it again.

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    Try this....

    Running the sunroof calibration fixed this issue, the full procedure is:

    Begin with the the sunroof fully closed, it can be closed with a hex key if this is completely impossible with the switches (see owners manual).
    Turn the ignition key to MAR (first position).
    Hold the close button for approximately 10 seconds until the sunroof motor makes an audible click.
    Within 5 seconds, release the close button then press and hold it again.
    Continue to hold the close button while the sunroof goes through a full open and close movement.
    Once the roof is closed again, release the close button and turn the ignition off and on again.
    After this the sunroof should function properly.


    Make sure, there isn’t any debris anywhere in both sides tracks.

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