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Thread: Massachusetts ballot issue

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    Massachusetts ballot issue

    Back in 2012, Mass voters passed a law requiring auto makers to allow owners/shops to access the same data as dealers can access. It became a national law in 2014. Without that law, manufacturers could hide trouble codes from everyone except certified dealers.

    The law excluded telemetric data. Basically, about half of new cars (up to 90% by next year) "snitch" on you, uploading information as you drive to a database. The new law wants to make this data available to everyone. Independent shops could use the data to debug problems, download software updates, and similar. Car mfgrs are against the law, parts houses support it, both by big donations.

    There are 2 sides to the question. Mfgrs can, potentially, use that data to alert you when a problem is coming up... or they can hide certain information from the USB, making dealers the only reliable repair shop available. On the other hand, do I want my local shop/part-store to monitor my car at a whim?


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    More and more, I appreciate the analog nature of my car.

    Given that the dealer franchise network is a corrupt, legislated, rent seeking dinosaur, I would permit direct OEM to customer sales before greenlighting anything like this.

    There is no reason for the franchise system to exist. Only palm greasing by the NADA keeps it going.
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